BronzeBullet Clinical Research Quality Manager
    (Choose Business, Nonprofit or Academic Leadership)
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   (Instructor Facilitated and/or Self-Study)
4 Tuition
1 Tuition
   Business, Nonprofit or Academic Emphasis1
   (One Person - One QM Certification)
4 Mos. Access
   Business, Nonprofit or Academic Emphasis1
   (Up to Five Persons - One QM Certification)2
12 Mos.2 Access
1Once enrolled you may choose from the Business, Nonprofit or Academic training portal.  However, the faculty forums for all disciplines are available to all students, providing unlimited opportunities for faculty consults.  The specialized ACRES-CRQM faculty is also available.
2This option enables one person to complete the Clinical Research Quality Manager Certification (CRQM) and to have all of the online training resources and faculty forums available for a full year from the enrollment date for the purpose of teaching up to five additional staff members.   NOTE: The Quality Manager Certification Exams are not included for the addtional learners.