Specialized QM Certifications
Clinical Research (CRQM)
Pharma and Medical Devices (PHQM)
Healthcare Professionals (HCQM)
QMI's President, Dr. Larry Kennedy has partnered with Dr. Greg Koski of ACRES to provide competency-based training for the "ACRES Quality Continuum." Our certifications are for service professionals in clinical trials, production and patient treatment - the complete continuum of medicines development and delivery.  We've made these courses available with specialized faculty and 24/7 online learning.
As you navigate through our online courses, our uniquely qualified faculty will offer practical, vocationally-related assistance and insights via a private online forum.
Dr. Greg Koski, ACRES Founder and Chairman
QMI will make its educational products and services widely available and affordable to all stakeholders in the medicines development and health-research communities.  This unique partnership creates a strong synergy with other ACRES stakeholders and allies from the public and private sector.    Read News Release
ACRES and its stakeholders have formed a global initiative with the British Standards Institution (BSI), to create standards for the accreditation of high-performing clinical research sites worldwide, thus promoting professionalism and excellence in clinical research while accelerating medicines development and enhancing clinical trials performance, safety and quality.
The Global Standards for Excellence (GSE) Working Party is a team of global experts who are working with BSI to develop and test standards and metrics for assuring site excellence.  Click Here to watch:   Dr. Kennedy's Keynote Address
BronzeBullet  Participate in live classrooms with Dr. Kennedy and enjoy expert insights from      the QMI-ACRES faculty as they coach you through the self-paced curriculum.
BronzeBullet  This is much more than a seminar.  You'll have 24/7 access to videos,
     literature, tutorials and exams via our cutting-edge learning system.
BronzeBullet  There's also an option for you to have unlimited access to train your staff for a      full year.  Click Here for Program and Tuition Details