QMI 2QR® for IBM Collaborative Lifecycle Management®
The dramatic growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) has produced new problems and unintended defects along with increasingly dangerous impacts on people and processes. QMI provides 2QR training resources that will influence a return to the values, principles, systems thinking, rigor and due diligence of the first quality revolution along with realistic agile and lean principles for development.  
Software development tools, when implemented properly, can help increase capability and reduce defects. They can also reduce the gaps and inconsistencies in systems thinking and the application of quality management concepts.  But they are no substitute for maturing the work culture with the values to wrap-around and support a team's cumulative competencies. Read the IBM-QMI 2QR White Paper
Systems Engineering - Quality Accelerator Program (SE-QAP)
Information Technologies - Quality Accelerator Program (IT-QAP)
BronzeBullet   Each of our 2QR tool-oriented courses provide the foundations and essentials for creating a values-based, facts-driven culture to wrap around and support IBM CLM competencies.  The 2QR curriculum increases the capacity of the human to be a reliable partner with the computer in an intelligent system of quality management.
BronzeBullet   With this jointly-held subject matter expertise as a foundation, we'll show you how to maximize your strengths and apply work-process analysis techniques that will leverage your team into reliable high performance.  2QR increases tool utilization and provides a rationale and methods for developing high-quality, rapid time-to-market outcomes
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2QR® VIDEO! IBM and QMI Complete Quality Management:
An Invitation to the Second Quality Revolution (23 Min.)
Speaker: Dr. Larry Kennedy

An overview of QMI 2QR Complete Quality Management and how it
empowers and connects to the IBM CLM platform and process.
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IBM-QMI 2QR® WHITE PAPER! QMI Complete QM and IBM Collaborative Lifecycle Management (14 Pages): Describes the essentials of 2QR Complete QM and details how these principles connect with the central processes and tools in IBM Collaborative Lifecycle Management.    Click Here to Read