Larry Kennedy, Barclay Brown and Hazel Woodcock
invite you to join us at the IW, IS or monthly online meeting of the Quality Management Working Group.
Our objectives include developing an SEQM Leadership Standard, an SEQM Leadership Certification and SEQM Leadership Training for the INCOSE Membership.  We are networking with INCOSE Working Groups to create an awareness of the essential nature of Quality Management in today's workplace for the purpose of igniting a "Second Quality Revolution."    Read More on 2QR™
BronzeBullet   This is an active working group with educational programs and research
       projects available to all QMWG members including:
      •   Specialized QM workshops and curriculum for systems engineers;
      •   Outreaches to all engineering disciplines re: QM and systems thinking;
      •   Cross-training collaborations with leaders from other professions;
      •   Research projects to quantify the program-specific influence of QM.
BronzeBullet   We emphasize QM as a cornerstone of professional development that
      adds value to the engineering disciplines by:
      •   Defining systems engineering as a leadership discipline with the skills
          to manage process quality and increase profitability;
      •   Considering the organization as a system, fully integrating the process,
          the person and the job description;
      •   Raising the level of professionalism, corporate and technical influence,
          job satisfaction and the career path.
(Email: INCOSE@QMnation.com for details of scheduled online meetings, etc.)
INCOSE Webinar 91

Engineering Leadership: The Call for a Second Quality Revolution
Speaker: Dr. Larry Kennedy
Presentation: 42 Mins.
Questions/Answers: 17 Mins.    Click Here to Watch the Video