BronzeBullet Recovery Services Quality Manager
BronzeBullet Behavioral Health Services Quality Manager
    (Choose Business, Nonprofit or Academic Leadership)
QMI's President, Dr. Larry Kennedy has partnered with Dr. Jean Lacour and NTI to provide competency-based training for recovery and behavioral health services professionals.  Dr. LaCour has made these specialized courses available at discounted prices and will provide expert counsel as she guides you through the QMI curriculum.
You'll receive one hundred (100) Professional Readiness and Ethical Responsibility
C.E.U.'s from NTI and the Quality Manager Certification from QMI.
Jean LaCour, Ph.D.  Bio
Join one of Dr. LaCour's Net Institute cohorts and enjoy the benefit of experienced coaching as she guides you through the training.
Course Narrative:  Recovery Services Quality Manager
Course Narrative:  Behavioral Health Services Quality Manager
Dr. LaCour will co-facilitate your training with Dr. Kennedy and coach you through the QMI live online curriculum and video lessons.  They'll help you improve the management of your mission and your leadership skills.  And, building upon your professional experience, you'll earn a specialized QMI Quality Manager certification in only 24 Hrs. Online.

BronzeBullet  Participate in live classrooms with Dr. Kennedy and enjoy expert insights      as Dr. LaCour coaches you through the self-paced QM curriculum.
BronzeBullet  This is much more than a seminar.  You'll have 24/7 access to videos,      literature, tutorials and exams via our cutting-edge learning system.
BronzeBullet  There's also an option for you to have unlimited access to train your staff      for a full year.