BronzeBullet Recovery Services Quality Manager
BronzeBullet Behavioral Health Services Quality Manager
    (Choose Business, Nonprofit or Academic Leadership)
You can be Certified in eight weeks with our "guided self-study" plan. Our live, online video sessions help direct you through your studies while QMI's easy-to-follow course syllabus provides simple "click by click" instructions for effective online learning.  Watch "How We Do It" Videos

BronzeBullet  Dr. Larry Kennedy introduces all
     courses with a one-hour online
     Executive Overview video training.

BronzeBullet  Then study alone and/or in a group
     and set your own pace for learning
     until the next live training session.

BronzeBullet  Live Classroom Schedule
     In the 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th week join
     Dr. Kennedy and a seminar-specific
     industry expert for a one-hour online
     review and implementation consult.
BronzeBullet  Start anytime, repeat any class or
     module and have unlimited access
     to our training during the term of
     your seminar tuition.

BronzeBullet  Includes access to all online
     video sessions or replays of
     Dr. Kennedy's course review
     and implementation training.

24 Hr. / Eight Week Schedule

One-Hour Online Introduction
Followed by Self-Paced Online Study

Average 3 Hours Per Week.

QM Leadership Essentials
  Learners acquire the management
  tools to get impressive results and
  establish an influential leadership
  style with QM ethical, motivational
  and performance standards.

End of Week 2: One-Hour Optional Live Online Review
QM Leadership Essentials Continues

End of Week 4: One-Hour Optional Live Online Review
QM-WPA Project Management
  Provides Work Process Analysis
  techniques to evaluate work-flow
  efficiency and improve quality or
  design and market a new product
  or service with confidence.
End of Week 6: One-Hour Optional Live Online Review
QM-Admin and Executive Skills
  QM Administrative principles for
  creating a culture of excellence,
  and problem-solving for a variety
  of HR and customer service issues.
End of Week 8: One-Hour Optional Live Online Review