QMI Certification: Residential Healthcare Quality Manager
Professional Faculty: Steve Noel, MSHA, RHQM
Mr. Noel will apply his extensive experience in residential healthcare administration and marketing to guide you through our "online and facilitated self-study" plan.
IL, AL, MC and Life Plan Community Leadership
Behavioral Health and Long-term Care Management
Learning Objectives:
     BronzeBullet   Improve service delivery and customer satisfaction.
     BronzeBullet   Reduce turnover and increase the quality of new hires.
     BronzeBullet   Train and motivate staff to more effective levels of performance.
     BronzeBullet   Build a healthy work culture where employees are enthusiastically engaged.
Course Narrative: QM for Residential Healthcare Professionals
The management and leadership principles described in this course provide residential healthcare executives with tangible methodologies for improving and maintaining marketing, sales and operations performance.   It provides the management tools to make accurate assessments of service processes, take corrective action, develop and implement strategic plans, and get impressive results in today's more challenging environment.

When we use the term quality management, we are not using the word "quality" as an adjective to describe management.   Instead we are making quality our driving motivation, and then management being the guidance we provide to people and processes to insure the effective delivery of services - and "keep our promises" to our clients and their family members, our staff and other constituents.

The human attributes required to manage our outcomes and consistently keep our promises can be organized into attitudes (values) and actions (skills). These values and skills should be taught across the organization. They can unify the organization, focus the service culture and provide professional development so that leaders and managers can mature within the organization.

              Sales / Marketing and Customer Service        Team Builder / Human Resource Professionals