Joshua Fischer, Ph.D.
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Dr. Joshua Fischer has served in a variety of educational and business sector roles.   He was an AQIP Peer Reviewer for the North Central Assoc. of Colleges and Schools and is widely respected as an adult and online curriculum developer.
He is the C.E.O. of Progressus Education Services (PES), a higher education consulting company with a focus on adult and online learning.  Each member of the team is a practitioner within the field, having spent considerable time working with adult programs and distance learning.  His consulting specialties include adult and distance education, curriculum development, assessment and accreditation, and faculty development.

Dr. Fischer has served in a variety of educational and business sector roles including faculty, CIO, Training Manager, Regional Dean, and President.  He has personally taught over nine thousand students as an adjunct faculty for several higher education online course providers.

Dr. Larry Kennedy of the Quality Management Institute (QMI) has partnered with Dr. Fischer and his PES team to provide Quality Management Leadership Courses for college undergraduate and graduate level online programs.  Fischer also serves as Professional Faculty for QMI, co-facilitating a course with Dr. Kennedy for higher education academic leaders.