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Philip Crosby wrote that companies lose as much as 20% of their operating budget through errors, rework, customer service problems, etc.  That’s why he said “Quality is Free.” It’s much less expensive to hire the right people and then train them to do things right.
A Journal of Organizational Behavior study showed that workers with a stronger sense of psychological ownership have higher job satisfaction and organization-based self-esteem.   At its core, psychological ownership is about an employee's possession and stewardship of an organization's core values and the pride they have about their enterprise/mission.

Further, a Journal of Management article connected an absence of organization-based self-esteem with feelings of uncertainty and that it had negative impacts on motivation, organizational commitment, and absenteeism.

Employees with high levels of organization-based self-esteem are more resilient when responding to workplace pressures and factors of uncertainty.

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As Crosby, W. Edwards Deming and others have proven, training people how to do things right not only saves money; it creates the personal self-esteem and confidence that accompanies earned success.  Values-based training also plays a significant role in teamwork and employee retention.
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  Keeping the Promise ®
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  Team-Builder Training Solution:

  Keeping the Promise ®
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