Clinical Research Quality Manager Certification
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The SASI Standard for Clinical Research Sites QM has adopted the constructs of QMI's KTP® Complete QM curriculum as both a standard for performance and a standard for training that creates a positive quality management work culture. The CRQM Certification supports the production of accurate and detailed data by providing the competencies for a high-performing work culture.  SASI Pages 7-10

BronzeBullet  The CRQM Certification is a comprehensive solution that will verify and validate      your human values, collaborative skills and process knowledge.

BronzeBullet  Part 1 is a review of the Values and Skills of a High-Performing QM Work Culture.      Part 2 is on Risk-Based QM, Systems Thinking, and Work Process Analysis.
BronzeBullet  This is much more than a seminar.  It is a self-paced, competency-based
     online curriculum with verifiable measures and transcript. You'll have 24/7
     access to videos, literature, tutorials and exams.

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