Small Business Quality Manager (SBQM) Certification
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If you are a leader who must try to fulfill your promises through an employee's efforts, you will be helped and encouraged by Dr. Kennedy's insights into today's work culture and the practical ideas he offers for succeeding where others have failed.

He describes the importance of leadership with the right vision, values and motivation, along with the practical knowledge of quality management so we can do things right.  Click Here for SBQM Curriculum Details

BronzeBullet  The SBQM Certification is a comprehensive solution that will verify and validate      your human values, collaborative skills and process knowledge.

BronzeBullet  Part 1 is a review of the Values and Skills of a High-Performing QM Work Culture.      Part 2 is on Risk-Based QM, Systems Thinking, and Work Process Analysis.
BronzeBullet  This is a self-paced, competency-based online curriculum with verifiable
     measures, transcript, and 24/7 access to videos, literature, tutorials and exams.