Team-Builder HR Solutions™
are limited to those persons who have completed
the Team-Builder Leadership Seminar (CQM-HR).

Learners who complete the (CQM-HR) Certification may be given access to the secure website to purchase individual Team-Builder Hiring, Training and Retaining Solutions.
If your access has expired, your access information is misplaced or you should need further assistance, please:
1. Submit an email to the Quality Management Institute
    using the following mail-to:
    Request Team-Builder HR Solutions Access
2. Enter the following information in the "Subject Line."
    Your Full Name (First and Last)
    Your QMnation User ID
    The Date of Your Quality Manager Certification

    Subject Line Example:
     First and Last Name; User ID; CQM Date ( _ _ / _ _ / _ _ _ _ )
3. In the body of the email, please describe how we can
    help and if you need enrollment or training access.

When your CQM-HR Certification is verified, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to the appropriate website and purchase options.