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QM-Applied to HR
Employment interviews are often altered by employers who stray from their discussion objectives and create unforced errors and bad hires.  Personal fatigue, stress and distractions, lack of preparation or interview reluctance can create inconsistencies in the presentation - and your listening skills.
This is particularly troublesome when you want to be certain to properly share the values that guide your vision and enterprise, while listening carefully to identify the "bad fit" or "work ethic" that you're trying to avoid.
Your goal is to hire from the top 25% of the available workforce; someone who has the essential traits required to work effectively.  A hiring mistake can be devastating to teamwork, productivity and customer service.

Team-Builder Hiring Solution Promise:

Although nothing can guarantee the right hiring choice, our video-assisted interview process will enable you to present an attractive vision of your values and work culture, and reveal a candidate's skills, values and attitudes.
Manager and Professional Staff Hiring Solution: How it Works
The Team-Builder videos and assessment tools will enable you to conduct more effective hiring interviews.   You can logon to our secure website and use the interview videos, exams and discussion guides as often and as many times as you need them during your tuition access period.
For Manager and Professional Staff Applicants, the Team-Builder procedure provides a more comprehensive view of the Applicant's skills and values; one that is relative to the importance of the hiring decision.
By following the steps outlined in the Team-Builder Employer Discussion Guide, you can conduct interviews either in your office or remotely/online (via GoToMeeting, Skype, etc.) and our virtual classroom facilities.
All interview resources are online and are available 24/7 so you can set your own schedule.  Just follow QMI's easy-to-use "click by click" instructions to complete the interview and evaluation process.  Click Here for Examples
Step 1.  The Applicant is pre-selected via email by asking him or her to respond to a brief reading and writing assignment to help pre-determine the Applicants "vocational certainty" for the position for which he or she is being considered.
The remaining steps in the interview and selection process can all be conducted in person or via remote/online facilities.
Step 2.  Ask the Applicant to watch a brief customer service video from the Team-Builder inventory.
Step 3.  Ask the Applicant to complete the brief online exam reviewing the facts of the video.   Each exam has multiple choice and short answer questions.
Step 4.  Have a discussion with the Applicant about his or her answers to the online exam, using the questions provided in the Employer’s Discussion Guide.
You'll be able to quickly determine if the Applicant has the literacy and communications skills to work effectively and contribute to your team.  The discussion guide will also create Applicant responses that will provide you with a clear understanding of whether the Applicant has the customer service attitude and the capacity for work that you desire for your employees.
Step 5.  If the Applicant's responses do NOT meet your expectations, you can thank the Applicant for his or her time and routinely terminate the interview without risk.
Step 6.  If you're pleased with the Applicant's responses, you can then discuss the specifics provided in the employment application without having wasted valuable time, energy and money on an interview that proved nothing about the potential employee's customer service attitude or capacity for work.
Click Here to Read How:  A hiring mistake adds 20% to the annual cost of filling that position and disrupts the work of your high-performers.