QM-Applied to HR
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  Team-Builder Training Solution:

  Keeping the Promise ®
  of Quality Products and Services

QM-Applied to HR
The challenge for enterprise leaders is to keep the promises we have made to deliver quality products and services and consistently provide reliable customer service responses.   To succeed, we've got to hire from the top 25% of the workforce; reliable people who share our concerns about doing things right.
This is particularly troublesome when you want to be certain to properly share the values that guide your vision and the goals of your enterprise, while listening carefully to identify the "bad fit" or "work ethic" that you're trying to avoid.
There are specific concepts for quality, excellence, consistency and reliability that must be understood by your workforce before you can effectively implement the details of your own work processes and achieve your desired outcomes.

Team-Builder Training Solution Promise:

Although nothing can guarantee an employee's work ethic and desire to do things right, our video-assisted training will enable you to lay a foundation of the values and work culture required to work effectively, and reveal an employee's attitudes and shared goals.
Quality Products and Services Training Solution: How it Works
The best first-step in training is hiring the right people, "trainable" people with the right skills and values.   Then, the Team-Builder videos and assessment tools will enable you to conduct an effective training program for your employees with minimal expense and without the disruption of your workplace.
Reliable customer service and the maintenance of quality products and services are integral parts of a successful enterprise.  Employees who have been fully trained, tested and have demonstrated the right customer service values and skills; and who are currently or are being considered for roles in supervision or other leadership positions should complete this training.  
Curriculum Note:  The Quality Products and Services Training is a subset of the Quality Manager Certification.   It includes videos, readings, practice exams, graded exams, etc. that have been designed specifically to improve your team's capability of maintaining high standards for quality.

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All training resources are online and are available 24/7 so you can set your own training schedule.  Just follow QMI's easy-to-use "click by click" instructions to complete the training assignments.  Then, with the help of the Team-Builder Employer's Discussion Guide, you can review their results, emphasize improvements that are needed and build an effective team.

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Step 1.  Gather your staff for a group training session or assign individual staffers to logon to your secure portal.  Then, just follow QMI's easy-to-follow "click by click" instructions to complete the training assignments.  Group training sessions can be followed by individual online testing or group discussions and cross-training exercises.
Step 2.  Using the Employer’s Discussion Guide, you should have private discussions with each Employee about his or her training experience, the answers to the online exam questions, etc. as they proceed through the training.  This will reveal the employee's attitudes, perceptions, values and the knowledge and skills gained for maintaining quality standards.
Step 3.  If the Employee's responses do NOT meet your expectations, you can provide the necessary corrective action and instructions to help him or her succeed in fulfilling their job description; or help them find a job that more closely fits their skills.  Even though an employee may prove to be less than qualified to assume supervisory or leadership positions; if they have proven to deliver reliable customer service responses, they can be a productive team-member and help maintain a stable working environment.
Step 4.   If you're pleased with the Employee's training responses, you can then confidently and effectively insert them into the specific supervisory or leadership position related to your enterprise.

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