Employers Want Proof of Competency
Employers want to know that the training you've received increases your leadership skills, adds real value to your employment and that it has been effectively measured.

BronzeBullet   Learners will receive a Certificate of Achievement along
      with a transcript of assessment scores.  A minimium
      score of 80% is required for each graded exam.

BronzeBullet   Practice Exams are unlimited.  However, Learners are
      limited to three attempts for each Graded Exam via
      a private link to a secure online classroom.
Competitive Leaders Want Marketable Credentials
Credentials that challenge the Learner to achieve excellence have real value in the competitive marketplace.  So our testing thoroughly measures competence.

QMI is committed to protecting the value of our Certifications and the marketability of your Credential by maintaining consistent standards for Learner achievement.