The QMI Advantage: Measurable Competency
QMI provides our Learners with the knowledge and management power to excel in their choice of enterprise.

We also assure employers that "learning" has been honestly measured.   Our Certified Quality Managers are prepared to confidently take their place of influence in the workplace.
The Leadership Advantage:  Knowledge to Manage People and Processes
When you can build a team that knows how to do things right, you'll naturally advance in leadership.   QM assures your business plans and financial future.
The Productive Advantage:  Power to Develop Reliable Products and Services
Nothing adds to competitive advantage like productivity and quality.  QM assures your market share by improving the methods and motivation of your staff.
The Financial Advantage:  Values to Secure Customer/Contributor Loyalty
Serving people the way they want to be served naturally generates more cash, especially in the nonprofit world.  QM assures good-will and financial success.
The QMI Assurance: Proof of Competency
Employers want to know that the training you've received increases your leadership skills, adds real value to your employment and that it has been effectively measured.

BronzeBullet   Practice Exams are unlimited.  However, Learners are
      limited to three attempts for each course Graded Exam by
      appointment-only in a secure online test center.

BronzeBullet   Learners will receive a beautifully designed Quality
      Manager Certificate after completing each of the
      course exams with a minimum score of 80%.