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Authenticate Vocational Certainty™
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Dr. Allen is an author, lecturer and consultant in organizational development.  His skills in management, leadership development and team-building combined with his unequaled experience with the DiSC Personality Assessment will create a unique learning experience for each participant.    (Allen Bio)

This valuable assessment and training service will provide senior executives with essential organizational development and problem solving insights that will help you guide each team-member into improved communications and efficiencies.

VC-Lab Group Leadership Assessment Promise:

Although nothing can guarantee a person's Vocational Certainty™ nor their placement within a team or organizational plan, our video-assisted, online training and assessment process will provide you with essential knowledge of your skills, values and attitudes.
Group Leadership Assessment: How it Works
Have you ever wondered what makes the people on your enterprise team say and do the things they say and do?   Most people have, especially senior managers who are concerned about the unity and effectiveness of the people who help him or her accomplish the mission.
This assessment process will provide the responsible executive and his or her team-members with valuable insights and standards for measuring each person's personal "human resource" against the requirements of their job description and the needs of the enterprise team.
Step 1.  Each person will complete a Leadership Self-Evaluation which will provide a helpful reference-point and personal perspective as you complete the remainder of the group training and assessment process.
Step 2.  The Group Leadership Assessment Training is a subset of the QMI Quality Manager Certification.  It is the first of two training activities you will complete that are intended to help each person objectively evaluate his or her personal "vocational certainty" and more confidently participate in the group training activities.
It includes videos, readings, tutorials and a graded exam which are designed to provide you with additional knowledge-base for your personal evaluations; help identify gaps in your leadership style or personal inventory which will need your attention; and broaden your personal perspective for your decisions.

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All training resources are online and are available 24/7 so you can set your own training schedule.  Just follow QMI's easy-to-use "click by click" instructions to complete the training assignments.   Click Here for Examples
Step 3.  Each person will complete the online DiSC personality profile assessment which will provide you with comprehensive results, definitions and helpful charts in just seconds after you completed the assessment tool's questions.   You'll also receive a brief, personally-written evaluation from Dr. Allen (usually within 48 hours); and an ebook which will enable you to evaluate your results in greater depth.
Step 4.  Dr. Allen will host a specially designed and scheduled 3-Hour, live, online training session for your group in which he will more fully explain the various concepts of the DiSC Personality Assessment.  It is a comprehensive session that will provide the participants with additional knowledge and insights for applying the results of their personal assessment and describe how your leadership team can function more effectively.
Step 5.  This step is optional and requires an additional fee!
Dr. Allen provides limited additional "coaching" and a specially discounted fee for anyone who has completed all four previous steps in the assessment.