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   A common stressor among leaders is the
   task of fixing mistakes caused by people
   who "should have known" better.

   One survey showed that paperwork was
   more stressful for some police officers
   than the dangers of pursuing criminals.

   Accurately identifying your stressors
   can open doors to permanent solutions.

   When asked why they work, most people
   respond that it's to "support their needs
   and lifestyle." When asked what motivates
   them to work diligently, most people's
   answer is related to "advancement."

   But the values that energize us to work
   are often much more heartfelt; and when
   they're properly engaged they're powerful.

   Conflict is an almost unavoidable part of
   our business life. It often occurs when a
   discussion about important issues strays
   beyond the boundaries of the task.

   When conflict is properly resolved, it
   creates positive outcomes for everyone
   involved. It builds trusting relationships
   and helps re-focus our efforts.

   Problem solving and decision-making
   are related skills that are essential to our
   business life and leadership; and they
   can greatly affect our advancement.

   How we relate to people as we try to solve
   problems can be more helpful than finding
   the right solution. It's often the "how" not
   the "what" that defines our leadership.