EB101 - KTP and the Golden Rule © Question:  Keeping the Promise we make to our customers seems so fundamental to becoming a profitable company, why isn’t that the most important thing to every businessperson?
EB102 - Due Diligence © Question:  I think I have a good work ethic because I work long hours and worry about what needs to be done.  Is that what is meant by the term "due diligence?"
EB103 - Vocational Certainty™ Question:  I am weary of attending meetings that accomplish nothing; wasting time and money listening to the same people saying nothing of value over and over again.   It’s an agony I’ve experienced repeatedly but don’t know what to call it.  Is it just me?
EB104 - Workforce Lacking Skills © Question:  I hire entry level staff for a job that requires a college degree and am amazed by the lack of basic literacy and skills I have found.  Are people coming out of college generally so unprepared for work?
EB105 - Mutual Respect, Accountability and Professionalism:  The lack of civility in the workplace is increasing at a disturbing pace.  What are the most important values in creating a positive work environment?
EB106 - Personal Excellence © Question:  Excellence doesn't matter to the managers at my company. Instead, promotions depend upon office politics.  It's very discouraging.   What should I do?
EB107 - Business Communications © Question:  My first boss was retired from the military.  He constantly urged us to "avoid verbal orders."  Writing important things in a memo does eliminate lots of mistakes.  But now that I'm a manager, I can't get people to answer their email.  What can I do besides threatening to fire someone?
EB108 - Attention to Details © Question:  Why are people so reluctant to focus on the details of their work?  When people say “the devil is in the details,” don’t they mean we should work harder and focus on the details to avoid trouble?
EB109 - Reasonable Accountability © Question:  I’ve noticed that people are more likely to bristle at accountability than to take it as a way to improve and grow.   What’s the most effective method for holding people accountable, yet encouraging them?
EB110 - Executive Credibility © Question:  I want to rise in leadership but need help in choosing a leadership style.  I don’t want to be perceived as too aggressive or authoritative but I do want to be respected.  Can you help me find the balance?
EB111 - Zero Defects Attitude © Question:  I think I understand the importance of a Zero Defects attitude.  But how is it connected to ethics?   Is there a practical way to measure the effect of ethics on my business?
EB112 - Quality Control and Assurance © Question:  I am very interested in improving the quality of my company’s services.  However, I'm confused about which method I should use -- Quality Assurance or Quality Control?
EB113 - Process Management © Question:  I have a friend who is an engineer.   He's always talking about "process management" and "work process analysis."   Can these concepts help me in my small business?
EB114 - Quality is Free © Question:  The phrase “Quality is Free” sounds a little misleading.  Almost nothing is really free.  So what do you think Philip Crosby really meant to say?
EB115 - Ethical Dependability © Question:  With so many business failures being reported, I would like your opinion on what role a managers personal values and ethics play in the development of a business plan.
EB116 - Discovery, Due Diligence, Reasonable Judgement © Question:  
The term "due diligence" is commonly referred to as the process of examining the facts of a deal before you close.  Please explain how due diligence applies to QM leadership.
EB117 - Managing Your Risk With A CEN Journal © Question:  There are
far too many workplace events which could have legal or ethical consequences.   With all of the dishonesty around us, what can we do to protect ourselves from liability?
EB118 - "Little Mistakes" That Cause Big Problems © Question:  Our company has a record of financial success but "little mistakes" by our senior managers have caused us to struggle trying to compete with newer companies.  How can QM help us?
EB119 - Monitoring for Errors and Defects: © Question  We don't have the resources to implement sophisticated statistical methods to identify defects in our processes.   Are there some simple, effective methods we can use for monitoring errors?
EB120 - Personal Authenticity © Question:  I have been shocked by the dishonest behavior of employees who otherwise look and sound like ordinary, hard-working people but have no conscience about what they have done.  How do you know if a person is being deceptive and confront them before they create a disaster?
EB121 - Delegating Responsbility © Question:  When most people talk about how organizations share power and get things done, they speak of "delegating authority."   Why do you use the term "delegating responsibility?"
EB122 - Task Faithfulness © Question:  One of my biggest frustrations is managers who regularly fail to complete a report or project on time.  What’s the character trait that makes some people reliable while others almost never get it right?
EB123 - Strategic Record Keeping © Question:  I work in a high pressure job that requires a lot of documentation, although I think we sometimes lose sight of why we’re gathering it.   What principles should we be following in the gathering of data.
EB124 - Tips for Time Management © Question:  Managing our small business can sometimes feel overwhelming.  Can you tell us how to manage time better and cope with the myriad of people and processes that we deal with everyday?
EB125 - Can You Prevent the Seeds of Failure from Blooming? © Question:  
My experience with people claiming to have had Quality Management training has been very disappointing.   I've expected them to be able to manage and lead effectively but have too-often found that the "credential" they own is misleading.   Am I alone in this perception?