Dr. Kennedy Bio
The Quality Management Institute is the vision of our President,
Dr. Larry Kennedy, a skilled and experienced management professional with an inter-disciplinary history in engineering, business, and nonprofit development.
He is the author and instructor of the Quality Manager Courses and has written two books on QM.   Dr. Kennedy's leadership has made QM an affordable business technology with vital HR benefits.
QMnation® Professional Faculty
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Our professional faculty brings proven experience and analytic skills to the classroom, with vitae's and enterprise leadership from the business, nonprofit and academic sectors.  They'll co-facilitate your training with Dr. Kennedy and coach you through the QMI live online curriculum and video lessons via a private online forum and personal consults.  You can choose from industry experts who'll help you improve the management of your mission and your leadership skills.

QMI has partnered with technology-industry leaders to create unique and highly effective online classrooms that provide reliable, competency-based training.
Live-streaming classrooms and online knowledge-based videos, texts and exams provide state-of-the-art, "click-by-click" 24/7 learning experiences.    Read More