The Quality Management Institute is the vision of our President,
Dr. Larry Kennedy, a skilled and experienced management professional with an inter-disciplinary history in engineering, business, and nonprofit development.
He has trained small business and nonprofit leaders for over thirty years and his emphasis on developing leadership skills dramatically increases the knowledge that learners apply to the workplace.  He is the author and instructor of the Quality Manager Courses and has written two books on QM.
Dr. Kennedy has created online individual and cohort learning with Professional Certifications in Systems Engineering, Clinical Research, and Business and Nonprofit Leadership along with enterprise-level Quality Accelerator Programs. QMI’s “Eight Attributes” have been adopted as “both a standard for performance and a standard for training that creates a positive quality management work culture” by the Site Accreditation and Standards Institute’s global standard for the Accrediting of Clinical Research Sites. The Eight Attributes are also referenced in the International Council of Systems Engineering (INCOSE) Official Handbook sections for Quality Management.    Vitae/Resume
Keeping the Promise
If you are a leader who must try to fulfill your promises through an employee's efforts, you will be helped and encouraged by Dr. Kennedy's insights into today's work culture and the practical ideas he offers for succeeding where others have failed.
He describes the importance of leadership with the right vision, values and motivation, along with the practical knowledge of quality management so we can do things right.
QM in the Nonprofit World
This book describes how managing for quality can not only improve the services nonprofits provide, but also increase the number of people they serve. Dr. Kennedy gives examples of how the pursuit of quality yields benefits in effective, efficient, and economical operations, readily marketable programs, and a broad, strongly motivated donor base.

Forward by Philip Crosby