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Customized Curriculum Options for Higher Ed.,
Workforce Development, and Enterprise Leadership
Progressus Education Services (PES) provides competency-based training framed on the 2QR® quality management principles for education, business, and nonprofit organizations. They also develop educational programs for enterprise leadership and workforce development.
With its vision to affect the workforce of the next generation, Progessus has created the Franklin Scholars program in partnership with the Quality Management Institute. This scholars program is based on the example of the common-sense ingenuity of Benjamin Franklin that produced his many accomplishments.
Joshua Fischer, Ph.D.
Dr. Fischer, the C.E.O. of PES, has served in a variety of educational and business roles. Through his partnership with QMI he is now focused on developing QM educational programs and the implementation of QM principles to improve enterprise.
The PES team has a wide variety of experience improving practices within work cultures ranging from higher education to business and nonprofit organizations. PES now offers services for formal education and corporate training in QM, organizational quality and workforce development.
PES has Certificate Programs that are 12-semester-hour college-accredited based on the work of Dr. Larry Kennedy and the Quality Management Institute. The options include an emphasis on business, nonprofit and social entrepreneuship and higher-ed leadership along with other applications of QM.
   BronzeBullet   Dual Degree/Franklin Scholars Undergraduate QM Certificate Program
   BronzeBullet   Undergraduate Quality Management Certificate Programs
   BronzeBullet   Graduate Quality Management Certificate Programs
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