2QR Complete QM is a return to the systems thinking and due diligence protocols of 1QR; with the added emphasis of 21st century HR resources to hire, train and retain high-performers.   Read More
Improve your people skills, add systems thinking to your leadership style and effectively integrate quality management standards with the human factors of your workplace.

Quality Manager Curriculum:  Set your own pace with 24 hours of online
video training, live online consultations and guidance by industry experts.
Certified HR Team-Builder (HRQM):  Complete your CQM training and
save 50% on the Team-Builder HR Solutions.™  You'll have the skills, HR
tools and training resources to hire and train your team for a full year.
Customer Service Quality Manager (CSQM):  Create an attractive organizational culture and improve profitability with authentic Service-Centric Customer Service. GoldSeal
CourseDescriptions CourseDescriptions
Add Hiring Power to Your Degree
and Marketable Skills to Your CV
Business, NP or Academic emphasis with
customized QM certification options for
INCOSE Members and ACRES Affiliates.
Improve your people skills and the quality, safety and customer satisfaction of your enterprise with a CQM from
our specialized faculty.  Click the links below for more.

BronzeBullet   Systems Engineering Leadership  (SEQM)
BronzeBullet   Healthcare Practice Management  (HCQM)
BronzeBullet   Clinical Research Site Management  (CRQM)
BronzeBullet   Digital Systems Development  (DSQM)

       About Our Virtual Classrooms
   Advanced Online Learning System:
    Our curriculum and training strategies
    are designed for busy people who often
    have very individualized learning needs.
    So we let you choose the style and pace
    that fits you best.   Read More

   The QMI Advantage: Our Expert
    Faculty and Training Affiliates provide     specialized mentoring and we measure
    Learner competency.   Read More
Create a Positive, Responsive Work Culture that Can Maintain:
Institutional Accreditation
Regulatory Compliance
Corporate Governance
Experienced too many bad
things in the workplace or
endured "customer service
chaos" and wondered why
it's occurring?  Click below.