QM-Applied to HR
Hire the Right People!
An American Institutes for Research study reveals
that 75% of the people with a two-year degree
(or less) cannot perform basic clerical functions
accurately. With a four-year degree it's still an
astounding 50%.
The study shows they can't read a simple paragraph and tell you what they read (or write an accurate note); and they can't calculate the cost of ordering office supplies; or the cost of a salad and sandwich from a menu.

But there's more.  A Gallup Poll has discovered that 70% of the workforce are not actively engaged in their work; or worse yet - are actively disengaged and hate going to work.  Whether it's apathy, indifference or outright hatred for their job, it explains some of the mission-destructive behaviors we've observed.
These less-than-capable workers lack Vocational Certainty™. There are important aspects of their ability to work effectively that are missing - and it can be devastating to productivity, teamwork and customer service.
We'll Show You How to Hire from the Top 25% of the Available Workforce!

QM-Applied to HR
Improve Your Hiring Process!
Use Our Videos and HR Tools

We can help with simple, easy-to-use video resources that will bring consistency to your hiring process and effectively evaluate the available applicants so that you can choose workers with the fundamental skills and work ethic required to succeed - people with the essentials of Vocational Certainty™.
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  Hiring Staff-Entry Level Employees
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  Hiring Managers and Professional   Staff with Vocational Certainty™

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