Quality Manager Certification Courses
Dr. Larry Kennedy is the author and presenter of these three foundational courses which are distributed throughout all Quality Manager Certifications.
Our expert Faculty and Affilates join Dr. Kennedy to make your learning experience relevant to your specialized professional discipline.
Emphasis: The 8 Attributes of a Quality Manager
QM Leadership Essentials
Quality Manager Attributes 1, 2, 6, and 7
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QM Leadership Essentials provides the management tools to get impressive results and establish an influential leadership style with ethical, motivational and performance standards that assure success.

The prerequisites for leading effectively are described including the decision-making framework, communications style and actions required of a successful leader.  Practical alternatives for measuring our performance and testing ourselves with "reality checks" are also suggested.

Each lesson provides insight into effectively modeling QM values in a business or NP culture.  Special emphasis is given to establishing reliable communications and applying a systematic decision matrix to improve administrative choices.

QM-WPA Project Management
Quality Manager Attribute 3
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QM-WPA Project Management provides simple Work Process Analysis (WPA) techniques to evaluate work-flow efficiency, create quality improvement projects, or design and market a new product or service with confidence.

It illustrates the principles and methods for envisioning, organizing and implementing a project for improvement, or a new product or service.  Techniques for systematically applying creative thinking and critical analysis to work flows and for establishing reasonable standards for development are also described.

The lessons include detailed examples of how to acquire, document and organize the data you will need to make your project decisions more certain, select best practices and successfully implement a project on a tight budget.

QM-Admin for Corporate Growth
Quality Manager Attributes 4, 5, and 8
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QM-Admin for Corporate Growth provides the administrative principles for creating a culture of excellence, building and sustaining corporate growth and demonstrating emotional maturity in leadership.

It also describes the actions required to function with professionalism and precision in administrative matters.  The topics include a variety of human resource, problem-solving and customer service issues that will enable you to effectively manage people and maximize your influence.

The lessons also provide insights into managing time and information, delegating responsibility, holding people reasonably accountable, monitoring processes and performing root cause searches to find and eliminate the causes of errors.