About Our Virtual Classrooms
QMI's 24/7 learning system is designed for busy people.  Our learners connect to course resources via the Internet, with the freedom to remain productive at work and plan their schedules.
The time required for completing the Standard Curriculum for all certifications is approximately 24 hours.
QMI learners have many options to improve their learning experience.  See "How We Do It" at Learning Online.

BronzeBullet  QMI recognizes the individual differences in people's learning options. So we have      designed a course methodology and 24/7 access that allows you to choose the      style and pace that fits you best.

BronzeBullet  If you learn best by listening to audio, watching video, class participation or      reading; we have provided reliable learning options.  Our goal is to assure each      Learner's mastery of the information and to provide an Accurate Assessment.

BronzeBullet  Our learning resources include classroom camera, knowledge base videos,
     ebooks, and interactive Practice Exams that are available 24/7 in our Video Library.
     You can get Instructor help via email.

BronzeBullet  Our secure Graded Exams center provides easy access to exams and transcripts.