About Our Virtual Classrooms
QMI's 24/7 learning system is designed for busy people.  Our learners connect to course resources via the Internet, with the freedom to remain productive at work and plan their schedules.


QMI learners have many options to improve their learning experience.  They can watch videos, attend live online sessions, study eBooks, etc.   See "How We Do It" at Learning Online.

BronzeBullet  QMI recognizes the individual differences in people's ability to learn. So we have      designed a course methodology that allows you to choose the style and pace that      fits you best. Study alone, in a small group, or in a live instructor-led session.

BronzeBullet  If you learn best by listening to audio, watching video, class participation or      reading; we have provided reliable learning options.   Our goal is to assure each      Learner's mastery of the information and to provide an accurate assessment.

BronzeBullet  Our learning resources include Classroom Camera and Knowledge Base videos      that are available 24/7 in our Video Library.  You can blog in a Class Forum, get      Instructor help via email or Skype, and use our interactive Practice Exams.
Experienced Leadership
Dr. Larry Kennedy has unique insights for training small business and nonprofit leaders how to solve their “People Problems.”  His practical approach to leadership not only empowers the traditional goals of improving products and services; he has made QM an affordable small business technology with significant HR benefits.

The Team-Builder Leadership Seminar provides unlimited access to our online library and Dr. Kennedy's live classes.