Hiring and training employees with the right skills and values for your enterprise has become increasingly more difficult.  Everyone has a story about supposedly reliable people who created conflicts, wasted time and money and disrupted our work days.
We've built our programs upon actionable data from established authorities about the "state of the workplace."  You'll be amazed at the costs of employee disengagement as you read the workforce research.
Hire the Right People
We'll Show You How with TEAM-BUILDER!
Hire from the top 25% of the workforce!  Use our videos
and HR tools to conduct facts-revealing interviews.
Our values-based, facts-driven solutions will bring consistency to your hiring process.
  Hiring Research
Train People to Do Things Right
We'll Show You How with TEAM-BUILDER!
Errors, rework, customer dissatisfaction, absenteeism
and employee turnover are expensive.   Our training
and HR tools will help you share your values effectively
and create a loyal, unified team.
  Training Research
Retain the High-Performers
We'll Show You How with TEAM-BUILDER!
Use our video resources to lower workplace pressures
and grow leadership.  We can help improve employee resiliency and retention and also create a path to
leadership for your high-performers.
   Retaining Research