Deborah Ulmer, Ph.D. (Ed.) Ph.D. (Nursing)
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Dr. Deborah Ulmer is uniquely qualified to serve as the Director of Nursing Education for the Quality Management Institute (QMI).   With earned doctorates in both Nursing and Education, she has extensive leadership experience as both a nurse executive and nurse educator.
Dr. Ulmer is currently the Chair of the Richmond Memorial Health Foundation in Richmond, VA. Since 1994 she has held university faculty positions in departments of nursing, education, medicine and health administration.  She has impressive vitae in nursing service and education and has held the position of Chief Nurse Executive in both a private hospital and a regional medical center.

She has been honored as National League for Nursing Scholarly Writing participant, and as a Wharton Fellow through AACN.   Her research has been centered on volunteerism in nursing, with an emphasis on resilience and vocational certainty.
She has researched and written on job satisfaction and nursing resilience with dissertations for the Ph.D in Nursing: The Experience of Volunteering in Hurricane Katrina; and for the Ph.D in Education: Job Satisfaction of Hospital-Based Educators.

Her collaborations with Dr. Larry Kennedy, the President and C.E.O. of QMI, began in 2002 with training as a Quality Manager and continue as QMI’s Director of Nursing Education and adjunct professional faculty member.  They are currently co-authoring a specialized text for nursing education entitled: Keeping the Promise: A Nurses Guide to Resilience in Leadership.